Care Management

Dramatically improve the efficiency of your care coordination by embedding real time clinical data into their daily workflow and decision making process.

Traditional payer/ACO member platforms are designed primarily to store post adjudicated (45-120 day old) claim information. Lightbeam’s platform was designed from the ground up to store real time discrete clinical data. The additional real time clinical values will allow for dramatic improvements in assessing risk acuity allowing your care managers to focus on the right patients at the right time.

By integrating community wide clinical information with your care management function you will also greatly reduce the arduous task of having to call physician offices and have them fax patient medical chart documentation. This will reduce phone calls, the need to create abstract paper charts and allow your care managers to focus on caring for your patients.

The home screen for the care managers provides an elegant display of members needing attention, highlighting required interventions with a straight forward color coding model (red-critical, yellow-moderate, green-mild). Our communications module will support indexing and routing of inbound faxes, email and scanned images directly to the member’s record. And more importantly, our solution will support the outbound push of gaps in care and clinical summaries directly back into the provider's EHR workflow to ensure that you can provide immediate feedback at the point of care.