Thought Leadership Series: Proven Strategies and Models for Succeeding with Downside Risk

Presented by Jeffrey Nelson, Chief Information & Innovation Officer, Millennium Physician Group

Tuesday, September 25, 2018 @ 12pm CST

The recently proposed rule changes by CMS have caused quite a stir as 400+ ACOs will be forced to move from shared savings to shared risk or leave the program. You might opt to avoid value-based care today, but these new risk-based reimbursement models are not going away.

Learn from Millennium Physician Group, a top performing ACO, who has extensive experience across the risk spectrum managing Track 1 and 3 MSSP ACOs. In the 2017 performance year, their Track 3 ACO earned an impressive $29.7 million in shared savings.

Register for the webinar now to learn about Millennium Physician Group’s blueprint for success in managing downside risk.

Change is here, and it's important to consider the opportunities contained in the current and new regulations. Success in your value-based care strategy is directly tied to the speed and ability your organization has to adapt culture, care models, physician incentives, and infrastructure.

Webinar discussion topics include:

  • The best strategies for your current position and resources
  • Should I accept or accelerate my move to higher risk
  • Current benchmarks and strategies to identify cost reduction strategies
  • How to scale caring for high-cost/high-risk patients
  • Reinsure strategies for limiting downside risk
  • The transformational change needed for each MSSP track
  • Identify, establish, and manage high-performing/low-cost networks
Register today to learn more from an expert on the proven strategies to thrive under value-based care.

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