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Value-Based Care

3 C’s to Jumpstart Value-Based Care Programs

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Success when it comes to value-based care initiatives does not occur by chance. It takes commitment to engage patients to take advantage of preventative services, capture the attention of providers, and reduce costs. Implementing this kind of care requires cultural alignment, shared risk and rewards, the right infrastructure, and the right resources to deliver. 

So, where do we start? Besides having an excellent team, our clients’ value-based care success often involves three “C” qualities throughout the implementation and deployment of their initiatives: communication, coordination, and common goals. 


We have discussed the importance of being on the same page and maintaining a common communication standard across every hierarchy in an organization before. An open forum where physicians, nurses, care managers, and other personnel can ask questions, ensure that care plans are fulfilled correctly, and confirm they are adhering to an initiative’s guidelines is foundational. Centering communication in all workflows by meeting regularly and checking in on peers keeps everyone in the know in case of unexpected changes.  

For us in advisory services, communication is a vital part of our job in guiding our clients. We serve as the reliable point of contact for clients at each stage of their population health management transition. We notify them of any data irregularities, compile reports, advise accordingly, and travel to meet in-person each quarter as part of Lightbeam’s partnership approach.  


Especially from the care management standpoint, without careful coordination between medical personnel, it can compromise the efficiency of clinical operations. Once care gaps and other insights are collected from the Lightbeam platform, action can be taken to shift the course of unnecessary spending or an adverse event. To achieve peak patient compliance and mitigate spending where possible, it requires regular use of the technology to stay abreast of any changes in the population, good or bad, as they will determine the next steps for care management planning and dispatch.  

Common Goals 

Common goals are the center of any undertaking, and when an entire team is aligned on objectives to improve health on both the patient and population level, they are bound to succeed. Besides the sentiment, however, all members need to have an understanding of the purpose behind value-based contracts, requirements, and obligations that come with risk-based agreements. Workflows will change a bit to meet these expectations, and personnel must be comfortable with more technology incorporated in their day-to-day processes to remain on track.  

Value-Based Care Expertise 

The most rewarding part of being a Lightbeam advisor is hearing patient impact stories, witnessing quality measures increase year over year, and calculating the savings that are earned from minimally invasive changes. Finding a starting point is what can intimidate prospective clients, and one of the many qualities that separate Lightbeam from other population health solutions is our value-based care services. Each of our team members understands the ins and outs of each contract, can identify strategic objectives and works alongside each client until they achieve their goals.  

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Tinu Pulickal is Director of Operational Excellence at Lightbeam.

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