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Advisory Service

Advisory Services – Going Beyond Population Health Management Solutions

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Physicians and healthcare teams entered their respective professions to practice medicine and provide care to those in need, not to be mired in administrative processes. We at Lightbeam Health Solutions understand those challenges and have designed a new Advisory Services team to help our clients better manage their patients by helping them easily identify where the greatest needs are and deploying the right solutions at the right time, helping them meet their current goals. Ultimately, this gives them the time to return to what they love to do – improving patient outcomes and providing the best care to increase the overall health of the populations they serve.

Our Value-Based Care Services 

Lightbeam’s Advisory Services enables our customers to identify strategic objectives tied into contracts, creating specific interventions backed by data to increase operational workflows that match established goals and benchmarks, ensuring those workflows continuously show improvements and achieve goals, even as those goals may evolve into something different. Sometimes that involves implementing new tools or changing operational processes, of which not many vendors can be that adaptable.

In addition to helping providers and healthcare organizations improve initiatives like overall compliance with quality measures, reporting and coding processes, our Advisory Services take a deeper dive into helping them achieve goals which directly impact the health of their populations, from increasing the number of patients coming in for annual wellness visits to improving the overall efficiencies of care management teams.

The Impact of Our Solutions 

Lightbeam’s services also provide organizations with the tools to combat a number of key challenges that may have a negative impact on their reimbursements and overall performance. Our solutions have helped clients improve the way their emergency rooms are being utilized by patients, reduce the number of readmissions within 30 days, and decrease spending levels for home health, skilled nursing facilities, and out-of-network services.

While the fate of the Affordable Care Act remains to be seen, the one thing the healthcare industry as a whole can agree upon is this: value-based care is here to stay. Mandates may change, but the days of fee-for-service healthcare are dwindling as the transition to value-based care moves forward. Quality measures will remain front and center, with various coding, shared savings, and efficiencies being required in delivering healthcare to Medicare and Medicaid patients. And Lightbeam will be side-by-side with our clients every step of the way as they navigate this complex road ahead.

Comprehensive Population Health Management 

From care management initiatives and outreach methods to savings and revenue generation tactics, PHM is a critical factor in value-based care success. We at Lightbeam have gone the extra mile with offering in-house advisors to help our clients along the way.

In future posts, I will share the best practice workflows our clients are implementing to meet their goals and provide the highest quality of care. Visit our website to learn more about our value-based care services. 


Sean Henson, the Vice President of Operations at Lightbeam

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