Solutions For Care Managers

Coordinating Care Just Got A Lot Easier

Lightbeam’s care management solution helps you stay connected to your patients. Whether you are working a care step, building a care plan, or documenting time for a value-based program, our easy to use platform will help you coordinate care and help your patients achieve the overall health they want.

Choose One of Our Evidence-Based Care Plans or Build your Own

Get access to actionable, evidence-based care plans on a patient by patient basis, or have the freedom to manually build your own using our care plan builder.

Maximize Care Quality and Earning Potential

Run reports that tell you exactly what needs to be done with each patient to satisfy program requirements. Whether it is time spent on the phone, assessments completed, or care gaps closed, our care management solution will help keep you and your patients on track.


End-to-End Chronic Care Management

Leveraging the CMS chronic care management code (99490) has never been this easy. Lightbeam identifies all your Medicare patients who have two or more chronic conditions in an instant. By spending 20 minutes with each candidate, you can receive a $43 reimbursement per patient per month. We provide everything you need to reap the rewards. Let Lightbeam find the patients, generate the care plans, and record your time spent for submission to CMS, so you can realize the financial benefits of CPT code 99490 without any extra effort.

No More Extra Logins

We support single sign-on (SSO) technology, so you can directly access the Lightbeam platform from within your native EHR workflow. This means no more extra logins, no more juggling applications, and no more switching views.

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