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Care Orchestration

Care orchestration is the strategic alignment of technology, people, and processes to increase access and provide a patient-centered approach to health care. Enabled by Lightbeam’s full solution suite, care orchestration fills in the gaps to allow payers and providers to break down siloes, solve for inefficiencies, and connect resources across the enterprise. 

Analytics-Only Solutions
Aren't the Answer

Labor shortages, rising costs, and value-based care restraints are putting healthcare organizations at a crossroads. The only way for healthcare organizations to truly make an impact on clinical and financial outcomes is to move beyond insights and play an active role in orchestrating care delivery. 

Traditional Population Health

Traditional population health management relies on generalized lists of patients with limited data sets. This puts the onus on human capacity to fill the gaps.  

Where traditional population health solutions stop, Lightbeam’s care orchestration solution excels by providing organizations with the means to act and drive greater outcomes at scale.   

Lightbeam’s Care Orchestration

Lightbeam’s platform continuously profiles dynamic risk personalized at the patient-/member-level to ensure they are placed on the appropriate pathway. 

Care orchestration is the ideal population health workflow for organizations who strive to increase the scale and sustainability of their processes, leverage their data to its fullest potential, and connect valuable resources to ensure the right patient receives the right care at the right time.  

Pillars of Care Orchestration

Lightbeam’s complete care orchestration workflow generates tangible financial results and improved clinical outcomes, all while efficiently orchestrating care and improving the patient/member experience by: 

Using AI & Data to Optimize Care Pathways

Lightbeam’s Prescriptive AI assesses clinical and nonclinical (SDOH) data resources to identify hidden, modifiable patient-level risk and recommend the next best action based on clinically backed intervention strategies 

Increasing Patient Reach and Engagement

Best in KLAS® Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring® collects patient-reported data in near real time, alerting care teams when patients need to be engaged 

Automating Workflows to Reduce Overhead & Burnout

Augmented workflows dynamically match each patient to the most appropriate intervention based on their personalized risk profile and individual need, even as those needs change 

Since 2014, Lightbeam's Clients Have:

Generated more than $4B in total value-based care savings


Increased care team efficiency by 10X 


Reduced readmissions
by 15%


Improved medication adherence by 10% at 6 months

Client Success Stories
MIdwest Health

Midwest Health

See how Midwest Health leveraged Lightbeam’s Deviceless RPM solution to drive more than $53M in cost savings for 54,000 patients across the midwestern United States.

Carle Health

Carle Health

Discover the winning care management workflow and strategy that enabled Carle to enhance clinical efficiency while improving quality of care.

Kootenai Health

Kootenai Health

Discover how Kootenai Health used Lightbeam’s Advisory Services to streamline chronic care management programs and reduce total medical PMPM by 12%.

Esse Health

Esse Health

Learn how Esse Health scaled Deviceless RPM to Medicare Advantage members, resulting in PMPM savings of $124.

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