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Challenges & Priorities for Risk-Bearing Providers: A Fireside Chat

Healthcare innovators face new financial and regulatory pressures, staffing constraints, and an ever-changing technology landscape, all of which they must navigate while serving patients and maintaining margin.

Join Lightbeam and AMGA on Wednesday, June 28 for an executive-level fireside chat that will explore the latest trends and academic literature in the context of the future of healthcare, and how organizations can begin to future-proof for changes coming in the next 6-9 months. Blake Marggraff, CEO of CareSignal, will be joined by Fred Horton, President of AMGA Consulting, to discuss the operational and financial implications of recent and upcoming tidal waves within the healthcare space, including:

  • HCC v28 – What signals is CMS sending and what steps can be taken now to prepare for a world of decreased funding?
  • Staffing Challenges – How can organizations maintain high patient engagement when provider burnout and resignations are at an all-time high?
  • Artificial Intelligence How much of the recent buzz around solutions like ChatGPT is hype and how can organizations ensure they are staying ahead of the curve while leveraging clinically validated offerings?

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Presented By

Blake Marrgraff
CEO of CareSignal

Fred Horton
President of AMGA Consulting

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