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Clinical Transformation: Fee-For-Service Solutions

Watch a webinar hosted by our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Kent Locklear, our Director of Clinical Transformation, Jessica Scruton, BSN, RN, CCM, and Clinical Transformation Advisor, Alexis Edwards, BSN, RN. We will discuss client pain points in light of the coronavirus crisis, and without adding to the noise, discuss several services that can help organizations regain stability, keep an eye on high-risk patients, and support staff who are impacted by the unanticipated changes.

Our care team extension can help care management operations by providing a custom model tailored to fit an organization’s needs.

  • All care management activities using our in-house staffing
  • A portion of your activities
  • Temporarily take care of all or some activities until you can return to your normal routine

Complete the form to learn more about how the care team extension services can help organizations during COVID-19.

Pratice Readiness Assessment (PDF)

  • Watch Webinar

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