Lightbeam’s Deviceless RPM® ranks #1 Best in KLAS® for 2024. Read the press release to learn more.

Client Success Story

Conquer Staffing Shortages & Scale Efficiency with Deviceless RPM®

Today more than ever before, Care Managers and Executives alike must feel confident in their organization’s strategy to deliver scalable, rewarding, top-of-license care. In a national survey of large payers and providers using Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring®, clinicians, managers, and organizational leadership responded:

  • 94% Agree or Strongly Agreed that their organization knows in real-time when patients or members experience issues with their chronic conditions.
  • 82% Agree or Strongly Agree that their organization is able to keep staff working top-of-license
  • 100% Agree or Strongly Agree that Deviceless RPM enables increased staffing scalability to serve more patients, and that it equips their organization to manage rising-risk patients.

“We’ve been able to scale the outreach dramatically without an increase in staff, and that’s really important.”

– Carla Beckerle, Vice President of Clinical Programs, Esse Health
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