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Cybersecurity and Data Protection – how Lightbeam keeps information protected

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Healthcare organizations are all too aware of growing security problems related to hacking and ransomware in the healthcare industry. The FBI’s Internet Crime Report indicates that ransomware and hacking cost the bureau about $29.1 million, up 200% from 2020. The same report also found that ransomware attacks were up more than 20%.

Cyberattacks come in many forms: malware, phishing, ransomware, and many more. Each attack is often sent out to a wide audience of people in hopes of finding a weakness in a system. Lightbeam’s goal is to stay one step ahead of issues that exploit our system by having a strong team that consistently goes over our security system and infrastructure.

Data privacy in today’s IT marketplace goes hand-in-hand with cyber security best practices. Data privacy is not just about the data we hold for our clients, but also the expectation that we will keep client data safe from exploitation. As Lightbeam’s Vice President of Infrastructure and Security, I am dedicated to keeping client data secure. We have committed resources and dedicated staff to make sure that best practices are not only followed but updated.

At Lightbeam, we work to protect client and patient data as new cybersecurity threats evolve and increase each day. Recently, we achieved the prestigious HITRUST CSF Certified Status. By including federal and state regulations, standards, and frameworks and incorporating a risk-based approach, the HITRUST CSF helps organizations address these challenges through a comprehensive and flexible framework of prescriptive and scalable security controls. This achievement places Lightbeam in the company of world-class data protection management.

The HITRUST CSF Certification Status affirms our organization uses the best risk management and compliance practices and further highlights the efforts of our security, compliance, and IT teams in keeping sensitive information secure. This achievement comes at a critical time in the world of cybersecurity. The IT industry is seeing enormous amounts of security breaches from cyberattacks, and the numbers increase daily. These attacks are driven by more malicious hackers with complex approaches. The HITRUST certification coupled with our responsibility to our clients shows how seriously we safeguard patient data.

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Russ Smith is Lightbeam’s VP of Infrastructure and Security.

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