Data Backup

Lightbeam's Dynamic Vault offers an easy-to-use and reliable remote storage solution to ensure that important enterprise or personal data is safe and secure.

Safeguarding Critical Data Anywhere, Anytime

Hardware failures, network outages, malware attacks, physical disasters or fast fingers can put critical data at risk. Our Offsite LockBox Storage System safeguards critical data assets with reliable, on-schedule backups.

Your critical data is stored across multiple secure servers inside World-Class-Fault-Tolerant Data Centers designed to withstand failures, as well as internet connection outages. Our data centers are safeguarded around the clock.

Stable, Proven Technology

Unlike conventional backups, Dynamic Vault’s Offsite Backup Manager automatically backs up data on schedule, eliminating error-prone human interaction. Configuration is a snap--you can use a pre-configured backup set or create your own in just a few steps. Simply schedule a backup and you’re done. Data is encrypted and compressed on your local system before transmitting to the offsite backup server through a 256-bit encrypted SSL channel.

Once our Offsite LockBox Storage Systems have the primary backup set, the data is then transmitted via Lightbeam’s Encrypted Network to a secondary, fully redundant Data Center. Each and every back set is replication to a second facility. Unmatched comprehensive data backup.

Monitoring and detailed reporting insures your data has been backed according to your schedule.

Dynamic Vault's LockBox Solution has modules for VMware / Hyper-V, Microsoft Exchange Server mail-level backup, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, Lotus Domino, Lotus Notes, and MySQL Database are all available within one package.

Other important features include: Continuous Data Protection, In-File Delta, open-file backup, centralized web management console, off-site replication module are also included in this comprehensive software suite.

Features of Dynamic Vault’s Offsite Backup Include:

  • Regulatory Compliant
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Easy installation
  • Client side restoration of files
  • Web restoration of files
  • SSL communication and AES,TwoFish Encryption
  • OS Support: Windows, Unix, Linux, Macintosh, Novell
  • Keep multiple versions for Point In Time restores
  • Seed loading utility for large scale backups to save bandwidth
  • Backup only changes (infile-deltas)
  • Data Replication from Primary to Secondary Data Center
  • Open file support
  • Extremely high file compression
  • Full, Incremental, Differentials Backup sets
  • Create complex retention policies
  • Create a schedule to backup data when you want
  • Back up SQL, MySQL, Oracle Databases
  • Exchange Agents for both Mailbox and Server
  • Virtualization support for: VMware, Hyper-V
  • Restore to a particular snapshot
  • Centralized web management console
  • Comprehensive online / e-mail reports