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Quickly Identify Your High Cost Patients

Leverage the power of predictive analytics. Using patient data including medical claims, electronic health record data, and demographics such as age, marital status, gender, and more. Lightbeam can model and predict your patient’s health over time, giving you invaluable insights.

Our software integrates the Johns Hopkins ACG System, giving you access to harness decades of research on population health.

Measure the Ability to Impact Future Spending

Find patients in your population with automated reasoning. Our risk stratification engine includes a proprietary component we call ATI, or Ability to Impact. ATI helps further stratify patient groups by socioeconomic factors, so you know which patients might benefit from care management the most.

Risk Profile

Care Manage the Right Patients

Combining the power of the Johns Hopkins ACG System and Lightbeam’s ATI allows you to know where to focus care management resources. Gain the insights you need to analyze your patient population and maximize care management programs.

A Deeper Level of Discovery

Now, you can quickly identify how spending is broken out across financial and utilization metrics including home health, rehab, pharmacy costs, ER, inpatient admits, and readmission visits. Take a deep dive into a claim type, such as Part-B claims, to analyze if rendering providers are in your network. Whether you want an overview or an in-depth analysis, Lightbeam can help answer your toughest questions.

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