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Client Success Story

How Deviceless RPM Improves Health Equity & Bridges the Digital Divide

Health equity is more than just the industry’s newest buzzword. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has made it clear that health equity will be a central focus for value-based care programs moving forward.  

Organizations wanting to improve health equity, especially those in ACO REACH, must use accessible technology to engage patients and collect social determinants of health to enable early intervention. A Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring® solution is one of the best options to accomplish this. By meeting patients where they are and with technology already familiar to them, Deviceless RPM improves health outcomes for all, regardless of income, geography, or literacy. 

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  • How disparities in access result in negative patient outcomes 
  • What Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring is
  • How Deviceless RPM engages underserved and vulnerable populations 
  • Real-world outcomes from Lightbeam clients using Deviceless RPM 

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