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QliqSOFT, Inc. is an industry leader in patient engagement and clinical communication solutions trusted by leading healthcare innovators. Our flexible digital platform allows organizations to select from an array of point solutions designed to transform their engagement and communication activities into secure, meaningful, interactions that scale. Founded in 2012 as a Secure Communications provider with its flagship QliqCONNECT Secure Messaging product, security compliance has been at the core of all product development. Building upon the trust established with clients QliqSOFT was able to expand its product offerings to meet the growing needs of the organizations it served. As a privately held company, QliqSOFT is uniquely able to meet the rapidly evolving technology needs of healthcare organizations, relying on its agile development process and lasting customer partnerships.

QliqSOFT's Virtual Care Platform offers providers 4 must-have solutions designed to tackle today's healthcare challenges:

QliqCONNECT, Secure Texting for Clinicians:

Our flagship product, this multi-modal communication app is perfect for care team collaboration. Securely send messages, documents, and images to coordinate care. Feature-rich QliqCONNECT is an enterprise solution with free AD integration and client-side archive. Integrate with any EMR and find it now in the Epic AppOrchard!

Quincy Healthcare Chatbots:

AI-Driven conversational chatbots designed for healthcare. The Quincy platform comes with No-Code and Low-Code options allowing customers full control via the Chatbot Design Studio. White-labeled and able to integrate into any system via API, Quincy facilitates deviceless RPM, medication adherence, readmission prevention, call center automation, and more!

Virtual Visits:

The instant, app-less, answer to telehealth. Reach patients directly where they are with on-demand or scheduled visit requests. The multi-party video perfectly supports your clinical workflows and our Power BI reports provide actionable data about the adoption of your telehealth initiatives.

Visit Path:

GPS-Enabled resource tracking provides real-time visit details to improve remote care delivery and streamline operations. Reroute staff based on patient needs, collect data to meet EVV requirements, and provide field-staff meaningful security with discrete distress signaling.

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