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Maximizing Healthcare Efficiency: How Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring Saved a Physician-owned Practice $1.4 Million

Providers seeking to reduce cost of care and improve quality must shift to proactive and preventative care delivery models. In this webinar, Mankato Clinic’s leaders describe how they deployed Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring to engage and proactively intervene with thousands of rising risk MSSP ACO patients across chronic and mental health conditions. Mankato was able to prevent over 130 ED visits for a total cost savings of $1.5 million, while increasing CCM participation from 5% to 17% of the eligible population.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn from Mankato Clinic leaders and discover the integrated workflow they created to deliver proactive chronic disease monitoring to thousands of Medicare patients and bend the cost curve.


Shelley Davis, MSN, RNC, CCM 
VP of Clinical Strategy,
Lightbeam Health Solutions

Nicole Krenik, BSN, RN, PHN- RN, 
Manager for Care Management, 
Mankato Clinic

Katie Dessner, LPN
CareSignal Care Manager, 
Mankato Clinic

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