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Mankato Clinic Implements CareSignal’s Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring to Scale Chronic Care Management

Partnership extends proactive care to rising-risk populations and increases CCM participation among ACO patients.

SAINT LOUIS, MO –April 12, 2022 – Mankato Clinic, one of Minnesota’s largest physician-owned practices, started a strategic partnership to scale Chronic Care Management (CCM) to more patients and prevent administrative burnout using Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring® technology from CareSignal, a Lightbeam Health Solutions Company. Mankato Clinic is a long-time innovator and a member of the Stratum Med Accountable Care Organization (ACO), a first-of-its-kind ACO founded by physician-led medical groups.

Mankato Clinic is focused on caring for patients in the home, increasing health equity, and retrieving real-time data for their providers. By adding CareSignal, Mankato Clinic will extend proactive care to its rising-risk population with the goal of improving health outcomes. The text message and phone call-based solution offered by CareSignal will help Mankato Clinic patients self-manage their condition and alert providers when they need care for five challenging conditions: COPD, Congestive Heart Failure, Diabetes, Hypertension, and Depression. Mankato Clinic is ensuring the program is financially sustainable by increasing CCM participation for near-term revenue while investing in longitudinal care that will bring improved patient health outcomes along with long-term shared savings for the ACO population.

“Mankato Clinic and CareSignal share a vision for the greatest possible impact of remote monitoring, and that means focusing on the populations that aren’t yet high-risk, but still need and deserve long-term support and engagement,” said Blake Marggraff, CEO of CareSignal. “The early success in scaling CCM and condition-specific monitoring to patients with both chronic and behavioral health challenges speaks to the dedication of Mankato Clinic’s physician-executives, as well as the CareSignal Account Success team. Above all, thousands of patients are already benefitting.”

Mankato Clinic implemented CareSignal in August 2021. Patient enrollment is often one of the largest barriers to clinical impact and ROI, but thanks to an efficient enrollment workflow, CareSignal enrollment specialists enrolled 2,400 patients into the remote patient monitoring program and facilitated the enrollment of more than 1,700 into CCM. Within months of implementation, Mankato Clinic doubled the number of CCM billing instances from an average of 136 to 276 CCM instances per month, reflecting an increase in the number of patients enrolled into CCM, growth in billable care opportunities identified from CareSignal alerts, and proactive care by the Mankato care managers.

“We brought CareSignal into our clinic to more closely monitor our patients’ health and alert our nurse care managers so they can quickly reach out to their patients who need them most. Through simple phone calls or text messages, our patients can report any changes in their health relating to their conditions. By knowing how their patients are doing from week to week, our nurses will be able to prevent patients from needing emergency care or hospitalization. Keeping our patients out of crisis is a very important patient outcome,” said Marti Wolter, Mankato Clinic’s Chief Clinical Officer.

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About Mankato Clinic
In 1916, Mankato Clinic was founded in Mankato by five area physicians who believed that a comprehensive, multi-specialty group practice offered the best means of providing quality health care to the residents of southern Minnesota. Mankato Clinic has grown to over 180 physicians and practitioners and employs over 800 people and is one of the only physician owned and led medical facilities in the state of Minnesota.

About CareSignal – a Lightbeam Health Solutions Company
CareSignal offers Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring® which is specifically designed for value-based care by leveraging real-time, self-reported patient data and artificial intelligence to produce long-term patient engagement while identifying clinically actionable moments for proactive care delivery. Together, Lightbeam and CareSignal align best-in-class population health capabilities with proven remote engagement and monitoring solutions serving more than 42 million patient lives across the United States. Lightbeam’s vision is to shine a light on health data using analytics, and to provide the insight and capabilities healthcare clients need to ensure patients receive the right care at the right time. Learn more about solutions specific to your organization and population visiting our website or trying a self-guided demo.

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