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Optimizing Referral Management to Increase Efficiency & Patient Experience

According to recent figures, patients being referred to out-of-network specialists, called network leakage, costs most healthcare facilities at least 10% of their annual revenue, amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars in losses each year. Despite this, many organizations do not track their out-of-network patient referrals.  

Broken referral management processes cause more problems than just revenue losses—if a primary care physician (PCP) does not refer a patient to their ideal specialist match, the patient could spend more money than necessary, undergo excess treatments and tests, and ultimately receive lower quality care. 

Join us as we host a webinar with ReferralPoint highlighting the best strategies to streamline referral processes and effectively close the patient-provider loop. Subject matter experts will walk attendees through the benefits of an optimized system, including: 

  • Increased savings
  • Use data to rank providers and facilities
  • Build contract specific narrow networks
  • Automated patient scheduling and outreach
  • Automated closing the loop with patients and providers
  • Better provider and patient experiences
  • Fewer hours spent on administrative referral tasks

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John Henson
Director of Marketing,

Ehmer Hassan
RVP of Sales,

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