Patient Engagement

Impactful communication makes the difference

Patient Engagement

Patient engagement is required to enhance the health of your population. From managing patients with chronic diseases, to managing episode-based care plans, communication makes the difference in quality outcomes.

Consequently, bad things can happen to patients who are not proactively managed. Chronically ill patients who do not regularly see their physicians or take their medications often experience emergency room visits or hospital admissions that could have easily been avoided. Even patients who regularly visit their physician can have unexpected health problems.

On average, seniors (65+) visit their physicians eight times a year, which ultimately means their physicians responsible for the majority of their health care.

The relative health of a population is basically driven by the behavior of its patients. It is up to the patient whether they will take their medications, exercise, eat right, or visit their doctors when they should.

Patient Engagement Benefits

  • Create cohort specific campaigns
  • Leverage drag and drop icons to customize your messaging
  • Establish specific communication protocols with configurable time delays between outreach attempts
  • Ability to vary communication methods – IVR, text, email
  • Drive your own custom messaging with the ability to insert data from EDW to personalize to each patient
  • C2B psychographic profiling allows for target messages that will resonate with each patient
    • 91% accuracy in segmenting population
    • Patient behavior is the #1 key in improving the health of a population
    • Used by retail for years in eliciting a motivated response
Psychographic Profiling

“This partnership is instrumental in our growth strategy. Lightbeam has been a pivotal tool that has allowed us to shift from fee-for-service to value-based care much faster than we otherwise could have.”

Jeffrey Nelson, CIO - Millennium Physician Group

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