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On path to enabling better care at a lower cost: Community Health Alliance ACO selects Lightbeam Health

IRVING, Texas, August 5, 2014 – Lightbeam Health Solutions announced today a contract agreement with Community Health Alliance ACO (CHA), an Accountable Care Organization (ACO) to deploy the Lightbeam population health platform to support CHA’s ACO patient population.

CHA’s provider community currently utilizes multiple EHR systems to manage a 200+ multispecialty physician network throughout Indiana and parts of Michigan. CHA’s ACO is a strong collaboration between local physician groups and hospitals designed to provide superior quality care for patients in their Medicare population. The Lightbeam Health platform will aggregate the data, analyze it, and deliver actionable insights directly to the point of care. The insights enable physicians and other caregivers to facilitate better quality outcomes at a lower cost. CHA providers will have access to the following components of the Lightbeam solution:

  • Enterprise Data Warehouse
  • Searchlighttm risk stratification
  • Predictive and retrospective analytics
  • Physician Engagement

“Our main focus is providing the highest quality care to our patients. A critical part of that is supporting physicians with visibility to the right information to help them help their patients get and stay well. Frankly, we need speed to impact in achieving that visibility; an IT platform that brings all of the data from across our healthcare communities together and translates it into meaningful information so we use it to help elevate the level of care. Lightbeam demonstrated the ability to bring it all together and make sense of it,” said Diane Maas, Vice President, Managed Care & Business Development.

“The need is simple: put useful information in the hands of physicians when and where they need it most…at the point of care. The Lightbeam Health analytics platform simplifies the complexity of population health management allowing leading organizations like the CHA ACO to focus on doing what they do best…caring for patients. We are honored to support them in their efforts.” Said Jerry Shultz, President of Lightbeam Health.

CHA ACO, LLC is a newly formed Accountable Care Organization (ACO); a collaborative of group of doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare providers, voluntarily coming together to deliver coordinated, high quality care to our medical Fee-For-Service beneficiaries. The goal of coordinated care is to ensure patients, particularly the chronically ill, receive the right care at the right time avoiding both unnecessary duplication of services and medical errors.

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