Solutions For Quality Improvement

One Patient at a Time

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Population Management: Using Data to Intervene with High-Risk Members

Improve Quality Measures Effortlessly

Lightbeam provides you with a single, organized, and easy-to-read location for your quality programs. You can improve quality measures before submission periods and know exactly where you stand.

See All Your Contracts in One Place

Quickly identify poorly performing metrics and determine the root cause. You can now keep track of measures associated with all your value-based contracts making them easier to manage than ever before.

Quality Measures

Drill Down Capability

Identify quality measures that are not performing well and drill down to the list of patients who are non-compliant within each measure set.

Quality Reminders

Lightbeam scans your patient population so you don’t have to. When patients are past due for annual wellness visits, follow ups, or have out of date HCC codes, we will let you know about it. If your patient takes an unexpected trip to the ER, Lightbeam will notify every care team member so you are as prepared as possible to take action.

Care Gap Analysis

Make use of Lightbeam insights at the point of care. Leverage Lightbeam to facilitate morning huddles with the clinical team. Our morning huddle form automatically identifies patients with open gaps in care who are visiting the office today, so you know exactly what needs to be done to satisfy quality program measures. When healthcare organizations make this part of their morning routine, it creates a high level of efficiency to optimize quality measures.

Complete, Longitudinal Patient Summary

Lightbeam’s patient face sheet shows not only specific gaps in care, but also a complete clinical summary. This comprehensive document consolidates all available data on the patient from various sources in the community.


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