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Since Lightbeam can combine data from multiple sources, healthcare organizations can quickly identify key performance indicators that are critical to evaluating financial data and identifying patients who need to be proactively treated.

Cost and Utilization Data

Without visibility, you will have a difficult time tracking performance against value-based contracts, resulting in a loss of potential shared savings or bonuses. Lightbeam helps you analyze patient data to understand how you are tracking throughout the performance year from a financial and utilization standpoint.

Robust Analytics

Lightbeam Analytics provide reports that identify cost drivers, out of network “leakage”, or other unnecessary areas of spend. A few key metrics used to evaluate healthcare spend and performance are:

  • Financial - PPPM, Total Paid, Part A Paid, Inpatient Paid, SNF Paid, and more
  • Utilization - Total Patients, ER Visits, Inpatient Admissions, Inpatient Readmissions, and more

Identify Patients for Past Due Visits

To thrive in value-based care and earn shared savings, providers must change the way they operate by focusing on preventative care, not just reactive care. Lightbeam provides a number of program initiatives that can be used to proactively engage your patient population.

Manage Care Transitions

In addition to clinical and claims, Lightbeam enables providers to take proactive steps at the point of care by consuming hospital ADT feeds. ADT feeds can be used to identify patients who had a hospital discharge the prior day, week, or month and can be used to provide post discharge outreach via phone and/or office visit. Lightbeam can generate a list of all these patients and assign them to a care manager automatically, using the Cohort Builder. Once a patient has been identified and assigned to a care manager, Lightbeam can help develop a care plan that guides providers and patients through the care management process, lowering costs and reducing the likelihood of a readmission or adverse event.