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Solutions For CPC+

The CPC+ model is a value-based initiative from CMS that will reward primary care practices for providing comprehensive care services.

Services including care management and care coordination, patient access, patient engagement, population health and wellness programs. Those who qualify for CPC+ will enjoy an increase in financial support including care management payments and incentive payments for quality and utilization. The CPC+ model will include two tracks with differing care delivery requirements and payment options to meet the various needs of ancillary practices. CPC+ will provide practices with the health IT tools needed to help deliver quality care for a healthier patient population. The application period will be from August 1st to September 15th. By October 2016, the 5,000 eligible practices will be notified. CPC+ is a five-year model that begins in January 2017.

Lightbeam provides the health IT tools necessary for organizations to thrive in the CPC+ program. Lightbeam’s HCC Correct Coding module will help drive higher PMPM reimbursement levels. Our quality measure optimization tools include CPCI quality measures. Additionally, Lightbeam’s care management platform, patient and provider engagement tools will help CPC+ organizations provide timely care to the right patients. Lastly, Lightbeam can provide you with an HIT letter of support during your CPC+ application process.

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