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Solutions For DSRIP

The Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) program is a new initiative designed to reduce avoidable hospitalizations and restructure the health care delivery system.

This value-based initiative is designed to decrease costs for Medicaid beneficiaries at the state level. Currently, only New York, Texas and California are engaged in DSRIP programs. A successful DSRIP organization must be able to manage and coordinate care for its Medicaid population with full data transparency across multiple settings.

Population Health management strategies will help DSRIP health organizations achieve the IHIs triple aim through the use of various health IT tools. Such tools include care coordination platforms, dynamic evidence-based care plans, preventative methodologies, patient outreach tools, etc. The DSRIP reform program is going to be a pillar value-based program for the state. Lightbeam provides the technology infrastructure needed to maximize efficiency for DSRIP organizations.

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