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Unlocking Health Equity with Big Data and AI

Understanding health equity is vital to improving patient health outcomes and reducing avoidable utilization. Up to 80% of the variance in health outcomes are driven by social determinants of health and non-clinical factors. This webinar will cover how the best predictive AI models incorporate social determinants and non-clinical factors and the resulting impact. With staffing shortages limiting health across the U.S, this webinar will also show how clinical staff can use AI models to increase outreach precision to reach the patients who need the most support.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the impact of social determinants of health on outcomes and utilization
  • Describe how predictive models incorporate non-clinical factors
  • Identify the ways in which AI is enabling top of license care management


Blake Marggraff
CEO of CareSignal 

Danielle Bergman
Director of Clinical Development for Jvion 

Soy Chen

Chief Data Scientist of Jvion

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