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Your Roadmap to Building a Robust Health Equity Plan to Succeed in ACO REACH

ACO REACH participants face a number of new challenges starting January 1, 2023. CMS will require every participating ACO to have a health equity plan in place to successfully identify, engage, and intervene with socially vulnerable populations. Organizations will be measured and evaluated based on their ability to execute this health equity plan. ACOs are also required to assume 50% or 100% two-sided risk and as a result must implement strategies to reduce avoidable utilization and lower costs. Provider organizations must recognize that existing tools and strategies need to be reevaluated and upgraded to successfully engage underserved populations and individual patients with unique social determinant challenges.


Kent Locklear - Lightbeam Health Solutions

Kent Locklear, MD, MBA
Chief Medical Officer
Lightbeam Health Solutions

Joe McDonald, MBA

President & Co-Founder

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