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Annual Wellness Visits: The Gateway to Proactive Patient Engagement

The Medicare Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) is one of the best ways to assess a patient’s health risks, addressing multiple care gaps in a single visit. Despite this, the industry average completion rate for AWVs sits at just 24%. 

Join Lightbeam’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Kent Locklear, and Vice President of Clinical Transformation, Jessica Scruton, BSN, RN, CCM, as they outline how the AWV can engage patients in their care plans further and promote positive outcomes for both the patient and the organization. In addition, viewers will learn how to achieve high AWV completion rates without adding additional administrative burden. 

During the webinar, Kent and Jessica will present: 

  • How AWVs improve clinical and financial outcomes 
  • Key strategies for engaging patients beyond AWVs 
  • Workflows and solutions that increase staff efficiency 
  • Real-world examples from Lightbeam clients 


Kent Locklear - Lightbeam Health Solutions

Kent Locklear, M.D.
Lightbeam’s Chief Medical Officer 

Jessica Scruton, BSN, RN, CCM

Lightbeam’s VP of Clinical Transformation

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