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Client Success Story

Connecting Clinical Care to Social Needs: How Lightbeam Health Solutions Enables Augusta Health to Improve Health Care in Their Community

Identifying and impacting the most at-risk patients using proven, tech-enabled workflows and strategies helps Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) make a positive change in the communities they serve. Augusta Health, a community hospital and health network in Fishersville, VA, leverages Lightbeam’s population health management platform to identify and link priority patient cohorts with clinical information, education, and community resources. 

In partnership with the American Medical Group Association (AMGA), this case study demonstrates how Augusta Health uses Lightbeam’s care orchestration solution suite to improve patient outcomes and lower the total cost of care. 

Read the case study to learn: 

  • How Augusta Health leverages Lightbeam’s population health platform to identify key patient populations in value-based contacts 
  • How Augusta Health’s clinical team identified 167 patients for the high-complexity cohort while averaging a 35% decrease in overall spend, 34% decrease in inpatient admissions, and 27% decrease in ED visits 
  • Actionable insights on how to strategically use data provided through population health platforms to provide the right care for the right patients at the right time 
  • How care managers can bridge gaps along the care continuum by providing connections to care and information 

“Using Lightbeam, we have a lot more insights as to what the social needs are for the patients in our community.” 

Clint Merritt, M.D. 
Chief Clinical Officer for Population Health, Augusta Health 

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