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Navigating MA Risk Adjustment Changes

The healthcare industry is currently experiencing a paradigm shift. HCC Version 28 fundamentally changes how healthcare organizations adjust for risk, and organizations should begin the transition now to be ready for next year. Join experts from Lightbeam Health Solutions as they delve into the pivotal CMS HCC v28 model changes, outline the impacts across the entire enterprise, and explore strategies to proactively engage providers at the point of care.‌

  • Identify changes to risk scoring in CMS’s new HCC v28 model
  • Discuss the role risk scoring plays in Medicare value-based care
  • Describe why revenue/benchmark leakage is a risk to value-based care success
  • ​Implement strategies to reduce revenue/benchmark leakage and enable providers to increase coding accuracy
  • Understand analytics and workflow automations to reduce the administrative burden of HCC coding and model changes


Erin Page
President of Government & Value-Based Programs

Jonathon Smykal
Manager of Quality Metrics

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