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Partnering with Lightbeam

Strengthen your solutions with the power of Lightbeam

Success throughout the transition to value-based care is rarely achieved with a single “silver bullet.” Rather, a combination of people-, process-, and technology-oriented solutions must all work in concert to generate outstanding results. The Lightbeam Certified Marketplace introduces our valued clients to complementary solutions to enhance their Lightbeam experience and value-based outcomes.

Lightbeam Marketplace:

Lightbeam was built from the ground up to support interoperable data exchange with a variety of third party applications. The Lightbeam Marketplace provides developers a platform for global, scalable connectivity between our partners’ offerings and our network of clients. Lightbeam offers developers access to our open API, and the ability to collaborate with the Lightbeam development team as needed.

By integrating your solutions with Lightbeam, you have an opportunity to pioneer innovation, solve challenges, and improve outcomes for thousands of providers and millions of patients. We look forward to welcoming and supporting you as a valued partner!

Why Partner with Lightbeam Health Solutions

  • 100% Cloud-hosted and web-deployed platform
  • End-to-end population health management solutions
  • Innovative, robust client base
  • Open API architecture
  • Supports most interoperability standards
  • Developer/API support
  • Implementation & training support
  • Product certification training


As healthcare organizations advance their participation in value-based and risk-bearing payer contracts, the demand for strategic guidance, management consulting, and staffing support will also increase tremendously. We collaborate with consultants to produce thought leadership, mutually enhance brand recognition, and help clients maximize the value of their Lightbeam solutions.

Desired domains of provider- and payer-side expertise include: Accountable Care (ACOs – CMS, Commercial, and Medicaid), Medicare Advantage, Managed Medicaid, and Employers.

Why Partner with Lightbeam Health Solutions

  • Our collaborative approach
  • Brand recognition 
  • Proven client results

A Partnership Based on Mutual Trust

Our partnership approach is at the forefront of our work, and our solutions are designed to serve the individual needs of your client base. Working with Lightbeam helps partners develop and deliver solutions that guide customers as they work to reach their value-based care goals. Lightbeam conducts all operations with five core values in mind:






Our executives, advisory team, and account managers are in our partners’ corner to help guide the decisions that refocus the long-term efforts of the people they serve. Learn more about the different partner programs available to decide which one is best for your business and clients.

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