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Lightbeam’s care coordination services help improve clinical and financial outcomes for patients 
living with chronic conditions.


Having patients engage and participate in their individual care plans is critical to a value-based care organizations’ revenue, costs, and sustainability. While leveraging a population health solution is key for success in value-based care, lacking care management resources and staff might hinder your ability to make the impact you desire. This is where Lightbeam care coordination services come in.

Patient Care Management
Integrated Care Management Solutions - Lightbeam Health Solutions


Our clinical care team can administer activities on your behalf to improve patient care and reduce the need for costly medical services by helping patients and caregivers more effectively manage health conditions. Lightbeam’s care management services act as an extension of your team by facilitating collaboration among all clinicians, including regular patient communication, education, proactive engagement, early identification, and more.

Lightbeam provides you with a custom model to fit your care management needs. With our care management extension services, you can outsource all or a portion of care management activities, or we can help cover care management activities until you are able to build an internal program.

Lightbeam currently provides care management services for CMS covered programs, including AWV, CCM, and TCM

Annual Wellness Visit

A Medicare-based program designed for providers to perform annually for patients. In this visit are key items that include preventive services, health risk assessments, and more.

Chronic Care Management

Medicare has several care management programs designed to support patients with two or more chronic conditions in achieving an improved quality of life.

Transitional Care Management

A Medicare-based program designed to support patients who have recently been discharged from an inpatient setting to decrease the likelihood of readmission.


In value-based care, you are responsible for all patients. In a year, you might see between 600 to 800 patients of the total 1,5000 to 2,000 attributed to you. We can help monitor them to reduce hospitalizations and ER visits, and improve health by engaging patients on a frequent basis.

Care Team Extension Benefits

Connect the full care team. Having all the available information helps build the most impactful treatment plan. At Lightbeam, our team will centralize your data and reach out to all care team members.

Communicate with patients. Dedicated clinical staff will speak with patients on a regular basis to obtain current statuses, review treatment plans, provide education, and review progress between office visits.

Coordinate supporting services. Treatment plans for patients can involve several steps. Our team will coordinate appointments and any service needs for a higher rate of compliance.

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