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How Lightbeam Delivers
Shared Savings And
Reduced Costs

It starts with visibility.

Providing the full
patient picture

By seamlessly bringing data together from multiple sources, Lightbeam delivers visibility into patient populations like never before. This allows healthcare organizations to quickly assess key performance indicators that are critical to financial success, such as identifying patients who need to be proactively treated.

Robust Analytics

Lightbeam helps clients better analyze patient data to understand how they are tracking from a financial and utilization standpoint. Without the level of visibility Lightbeam delivers, properly tracking performance against value-based contracts is next to impossible, potentially resulting in a loss of shared savings or bonuses.

Cost And Utilization Data

Lightbeam’s industry-leading analytics can identify things like cost drivers, out of network “leakage,” or other areas of unnecessary spending. A few key metrics used to evaluate healthcare spend and performance are:

Financial: PPPM, Total Paid, Inpatient Paid, Outpatient Paid, SNF Paid, and more

Utilization: Total Patients, Avoidable ER Visits, Inpatient Admissions, Inpatient Readmissions, and more

Proactive Preventative Care

To thrive in value-based care and earn shared savings, providers must focus on preventative care, not just reactive care. Lightbeam provides a number of program initiatives designed to proactively engage a patient population, saving costs and improving patient outcomes.

Managing Care Transitions

By aggregating hospital ADT feed data, the Lightbeam platform helps our clients identify patients discharged from the hospital the prior day, week or month, allowing clients to provide post-discharge outreach. Using the Cohort Builder, Lightbeam can generate patient lists and automatically assign them to a care manager. Once a patient is identified and assigned, Lightbeam can help develop and guide a care plan that lowers costs and reduces the likelihood of readmission.

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