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Reduce Readmission Rates

Lightbeam provides the solutions you need to identify comorbidities that could bring patients back to the hospital, monitor recently discharged patients throughout their care journey, and keep them where they belong: at home.

Identify Preventable Readmission causes

An estimated 27% of hospital readmissions are considered preventable.
Preventable causes of readmission include:



Gaps in Medical 

Not Providing
Timely Follow-Up Care

Limited Access
to Health Care

Reducing the Cost of Readmissions

Lightbeam’s services and solutions have a proven track record of reducing readmission rates among healthcare organizations, in turn driving down avoidable costs and improving health outcomes.

Prescriptive AI Reduces Readmission Rates
Find out how Lightbeam’s Prescriptive AI solution helped a New York healthcare provider:
  • Reduce readmissions by 23.6% across 15 hospitals
  • Realize $460,000 in costs savings over 4 months
  • Make meaningful interventions to reduce events 
Deviceless RPM® Enables ED Cost Savings

Learn how Lightbeam’s Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring solution helped a Midwest healthcare provider: 

  • Prevent 295 readmissions over a 30-day period 
  • Generate $4.4 million in costs savings overall 
  • Achieve a 1.95% absolute reduction in readmission rates 
Pop Health Enablement Achieves Top-Tier Performance

Read on to discover how Lightbeam’s population health enablement platform allowed a 355-bed New Jersey provider:

  • Reduce inpatient admissions by 15%
  • Reduce readmissions overall by 6%
  • Achieve highest quality tier in a commercial contract
Timely Interventions Prevent Readmissions
1/3 of 30-Day

With readmissions, timelines is the most crucial factor. One-third of 30-day readmission occur within the first seven days, so organizations must be able to act the moment an event occurs, as well as anticipate preventable causes.

First 7 Days
Remaining 23 Days
ADT Insights Notify Staff of Admissions, Discharges, & Transfers

Providers receive timely notifications when an ADT event occurs

Shows which patients have been admitted and when they were admitted

Enables immediate patient enrollment into TCM and follow-up care programs

Prescriptive AI Identifies Risk & Comorbidities

Identify comorbidities and the patient’s level of risk

Assess modifiable clinical outcomes

Intervene with clinically backed solutions

Deviceless RPM Automates Outreach Throughout Care Journey

Send automated SMS messages or calls to patient’s phone

Customize outreach across 30+ behavioral and medical programs

Messages are easy to read and can be translated into several languages

Providers are alerted if patients responses require escalation

LCS TCM Program Provides Timely Follow-Up Care

Assign virtual care coordinators to your care teams

Streamline daily tasks and administrative activities

Engage with your patients just like your in-house team of nurses

Coordinate resources for in-need and at-risk patients

Readmissions Workflow
ADT Insights Alert Activity
Prescriptive AI Identifies Comorbidities
Deviceless RPM Reports Patient Data
VCN Connects Patient to Their Provider
Measure Performance & Outcomes

The Lightbeam platform provides data analytics for healthcare organization stakeholders at every level to track financial gains and losses, clinical patient trends, and provider performance.

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