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Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring® Connects Patients to their Providers

Lightbeam’s Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solution, CareSignal, helps healthcare organizations and payers scale care management, touch more lives, and keep patients engaged.

Reach 10x More Patients with Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring

Deviceless RPM scales staff efficiency and expands patient outreach capabilities by meeting people where they are with the technology they use the most: their phone.

Amplify Your Impact, Simplify Your Staff’s Workflow

CareSignal’s Deviceless RPM technology is the ideal solution for healthcare organizations who want to:

Manage Whole
Patient Health

ED Utilization

Sustain Patient

Succeed in
Value-Based Care

Engage Your Most
Vulnerable Populations

Identify Social
Determinants of Health

The Problem
The Solution


Time-Consuming Manual Outreach

Value-based care requires managing high- and rising-risk populations. However, it is time-consuming for nurses to manually outreach.

Automate Patient Outreach

Deviceless RPM uses evidence-based SMS texts and IVR phone calls to automate patient outreach, reducing staff burdens.


Overdemanded, Understaffed Facilities

Staffing shortages and high costs make it financially unsustainable to hire enough nurses to manage large patient populations.

Increase Care Manager Capacity

Automating outreach allows nurses and other health professionals to increase care management capacity 10x to a ratio of 1:1,500 care managers to patients.


Disengaged, Disconnected Patients

Providers don’t know how patients are managing their health at home until they show up in the emergency room, often with preventable issues.

Reach Them Where They Are

We collect real-time data to identify patients experiencing worsening symptoms to receive proactive care and prevent ED utilization.


Incomplete Picture of Patient Data

Patients may feel uncomfortable disclosing certain aspects of their health or lifestyle in an unfamiliar clinical setting.

Enable Comfort and Privacy

Engaging with patients in their own home, on their own time, affords them comfort and privacy when self-reporting data.

Proactive, Real-Time Insights that Drive Outcomes


Reduction in ED Visits for
Patients with Heart Failure


in Cost Savings


Reduction in Hospitalizations
for Patients with COPD


Increase in Care
Manager-to-Patient Capacity
(1:150 > 1:1,500)


Average Drop in HbA1c for
Patients with Diabetes


SDOH Needs Identified for
Food Insecurity, Health Literacy, and More

Total Population Health Enablement

Lightbeam’s winning assortment of population health capabilities work to enhance one another or stand alone, amplifying your organization’s ability to identify risk, assess populations, and impact patient lives.

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