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Lightbeam is
leading the way to
value-based care

No other platform delivers a more comprehensive end-to-end population health management solution.

Everything you need to
manage outcomes and improve
population health in one place

No more multiple log-ins. No more flipping from platform to platform. Lightbeam’s industry-leading solution puts the data, tools and technology to manage risk and get the most from value-based contracts right at your fingertips.

Quickly measure and assess clinical and financial outcomes. Identify opportunities to better execute population health initiatives. Focus more on supporting providers at the point of care for better patient outcomes. It’s all possible with Lightbeam Health Solutions.

By the Numbers
$1 Billion
Healthcare Costs Saved by the
Lightbeam Platform Since 2014

Identify current issues &
Track performance

Lightbeam helps you identify who in your population needs to schedule a visit or who needs care now, so you can take action. Custom dashboards allow you to track performance over time, understand which measures are performing poorly, and learn where you can continue to save money—and even save lives.

Take immediate next steps

Once identifying a specific patient segment, you can take immediate action. You might want to send them to a care manager work queue, or you might want to run a patient engagement campaign to get them in the office. You can also run a historical financial analysis on this group for executive leadership.

Get quick and reliable
patient data updates

Lightbeam automatically updates and stores patient health data. From ER visits and inpatient admissions, to SNF visits and readmissions, Lightbeam highlights the services and costs associated with any visit, regardless of where your patient received care.

Find opportunities to save

Since Lightbeam helps you manage your value-based contracts, we also help you find savings opportunities. Our advisors analyze your contracts and patient data, then we provide comprehensive performance reports and workflow recommendations to help you save time and money and improve patient health outcomes.

Enjoy a seamless implementation

It’s easy to get started. We connect with any electronic health record (EHR) vendor and payer. In as little as 60 days, you can see your patients with a 360-degree view and begin planning a course of action to make a big impact.

Everything you need to manage outcomes and improve population health right at your fingertips.

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