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Transforming Insights into Outcomes

Lightbeam’s population health enablement platform provides a
360-degree view of patient health to improve clinical outcomes and elevate the quality of care each individual receives.

Healthcare Analytics for Population Health Management - About Our Healthcare Analytics Company, Lightbeam Health Solutions

On A Mission To Unlock
The Value Of Patient Data

Lightbeam’s mission is to provide solutions that help improve quality of care and therefore quality of life. Our technology will provide the guidance needed to deliver the right care at the right time while delivering outstanding financial results.


Founded in 2012 as a revolutionary new model for managing patient populations and associated risk, Lightbeam has quickly become a leading platform in the transition to value-based care.

Driven by an executive team that brings a unique blend of ambulatory, inpatient, and payer expertise to the table, Lightbeam is poised for even greater growth as we continue to transform healthcare through data intelligence.

Paul Bergeson, Chief Revenue Officer

Paul Bergeson is Senior Vice President of National Sales & Strategic Accounts. Paul has more than 35 years of healthcare technology and population health experience and has spent decades of his professional career building partnerships focused on bringing tangible value to all types of healthcare organizations. Honing his HIT product expertise, Paul has the ability to translate technology and services into solving meaningful business problems. 

Patrick Burton, SVP of Business Development

Patrick Burton is Senior Vice President of Business Development at Lightbeam Health Solutions, where he cultivates strategic partnerships and contributes to the growth of Lightbeam’s Marketplace. Patrick has nearly twenty years of experience in the healthcare IT industry in sales executive and business development capacities.

Grady Cason, VP of Strategic Account Management

Grady Cason, FACHE serves as VP of Strategic Account Management at Lightbeam Health Solutions, where he has accountability for the delivery and operations of Lightbeam’s solutions and services across our client base. Grady leverages over 20+ years of Healthcare IT and Management experience working with ACOs, CINs, ASCs, health systems, payers, HIEs, and state governments to drive industry leading results with our client partners. 

Pat Cline, Chief Executive Officer

Pat Cline is the Executive Chairman and visionary behind Lightbeam Health Solutions. In 1994, Pat founded and headed NextGen Health, one of the first electronic health record systems. After retirement, he saw a need in the field for streamlined healthcare data aggregation and information exchange. This led to him founding Lightbeam as the industry-leading health solution for Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), payers, health systems, Medicare Advantage, employers, and more. Now a veteran of the healthcare IT field, Cline is a respected strategist and highly experienced operator. He sits on multiple boards and as a certified coach, he mentors other executives in the areas of leadership, balance, communication, teamwork, and goal achievement. 

Soy Chen, Chief Data Scientist

Soy Chen is Chief Data Scientist of Jvion, a Lightbeam Company, where she leads the efforts in building AI products to improve patient lives. While at Jvion, she has deployed products in settings spanning from acute care to community population health. Soy’s experience implementing machine learning tools builds on past work in various sectors, such as fintech, consumer, commercial, and healthcare, in which she has over 10 years of experience. 

Ugo Curello, Chief Software Architect

Ugo Curello serves as Chief Software Architect at Lightbeam Health Solutions.  

Shelley Davis, MSN, RNC, CCM, VP of Clinical Strategy

Shelley Davis, MSN, RNC, CCM serves as Vice President of Clinical Strategy at Lightbeam Health Solutions, where she provides clinical expertise and guidance to the Sales Team and Lightbeam Marketplace operations. Shelley is instrumental in developing strategies for new prospects, expanding additional offerings to current clients, and operationalizing Lightbeam’s Marketplace. She has over 27 years of experience in diverse healthcare settings, including clinical advisory, care management, pediatric critical care, flight transport, and trauma. 

Rob Davis, VP of Strategic Account Management

Rob Davis is Vice President, Strategic Account ManagementHe brings 20+ years of healthcare IT experience and has formed a diverse background in healthcare technology in Product Development, Product Management, and Executive Leadership. In this role, Rob is responsible for managing and retaining some of Lightbeam largest client partnerships. He works directly with clients executive leadership teams, as well as manages any ancillary teams needed for all aspects of onboarding, growing, and maintaining our larger clients. 

Jennifer Granquist, Chief of Staff & Executive Director, Corporate Development

Jennifer Granquist, MBA serves as Chief of Staff and Executive Director of Corporate Development consistently demonstrating her ability to identify strategic opportunities, lead numerous high-profile projects, and execute initiatives that deliver exceptional results driving revenue growth and enhancing the competitive position of the organization.  For the previous 20 years holding various senior leadership positions marked with notable achievements, she has been a pivotal role in multiple mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, and market expansion that earned her recognition as a trusted advisor and an invaluable asset to executive leadership teams.

Paul Holt, Chief Financial Officer

Paul Holt is Chief Financial Officer of Lightbeam Health Solutions, where he uses his years of experience as a senior financial executive to oversee all financial activities and Human Resources initiatives, direct the preparation of current financial reports and summaries, and drive a framework for future growth. Paul has more than 20 years of experience as a Chief Financial Officer in multiple industries, including healthcare IT, life science, environmental service, and dental service. He has broad experience as CFO with fast-growing and dynamic companies, both private and public. Paul has a successful track record of building high-performance accounting and finance teams and supporting fast-growing companies.

Mike Hoxter, Chief Technology Officer

Mike Hoxter is Chief Technology Officer at Lightbeam Health Solutions, where he brings over 20 years of health insurance and healthcare IT experience to lead Lightbeam’s development team. While involved in a wide variety of development projects, his primary focus has been on data science, engineering, analytics, reporting, and the overall data architecture and infrastructure of the Lightbeam platform. 

Evan Huang, Chief Technology Officer, CareSignal

Evan Huang serves as a Chief Technology Officer at Lightbeam Health Solutions, CareSignal division. He is one of the founders of CareSignal and leads the development and integration of technology solutions within Lightbeam, including the CareSignal Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring solution and the Jvion prescriptive models. He is passionate about building scalable technology solutions that have tangible impacts for the masses, especially in healthcare.

Bob Nary, SVP of Development

Bob Nary serves as the Senior Vice President of Development at Lightbeam Health Solutions, where he leads the Research and Development teams.  With a proven track record of delivering commercial software, Bob capitalizes on over 20 years of Healthcare IT experience to build teams that deliver scalable, intuitive software.

Erin Page, Chief Operating Officer

Erin Page joined Lightbeam Health Solutions in September of 2022 as the President of Government and Value-Based Programs. Prior to Lightbeam, Erin was the Chief Operating Officer at VillageMD, which she helped grow into a multibillion-dollar organization with a focus on value-based care for all patients, operating more than 240 clinics in 22 markets. 

Brian Russell, VP of Integration Services

Brian Russell is Vice President of Data Integration Services at Lightbeam Health Solutions, where he leads all integration operations. Brian has 30 years of experience in software engineering. 

Russ Smith, VP of Infrastructure & Security

Russ Smith is Vice President of Infrastructure & Security at Lightbeam Health Solutions, where he leverages his 20+ years of proven success to lead Lightbeam’s IT and cybersecurity initiatives. In this role, he serves as a leader and oversees the IT department’s daily functions, including budgeting, operations, and process improvements with a keen focus on driving growth, optimizing performance, enhancing security, and reducing costs. Russ is an innovative problem-solver with a history of transforming overall vision into practical, actionable, and measurable results. 

Emily Srygley, VP of Account Success

Emily Srygley is Vice President of Account Success at Lightbeam Health Solutions. Emily has 10+ years of experience rooted in building client success teams and in developing impactful process, centered on partner success and customer retention. Emily’s mission is focused on helping customers find value and opportunity across our Lightbeam service lines, to amplify their success with our solutions.

C Stavridis, VP of Product, CareSignal

C Stavridis is Vice President of Product at Lightbeam and is one of the founding members of CareSignal, Lightbeam’s Deviceless RPM® solution. C currently leads Lightbeam’s Skunk Works projects, including Radian, the industry’s first health equity strategy-in-a-box. C has more than 10 years of experience leading innovation projects for organizations, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. C is an experienced full-stack designer and full-stack engineer, capable of executing each stage of the digital product development lifecycle. C taught product design, service design, and web development at Washington University in St. Louis.

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