Lightbeam’s Deviceless RPM® ranks #1 Best in KLAS® for 2024. Read the press release to learn more.

Client Success Story

13 Texas Health Centers Implement Deviceless RPM® to Improve Engagement and Outcomes Among Vulnerable Populations

Discover how TACHC clinics leveraged Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) to improve A1c by 1.3% and reduce systolic blood pressure by 8.28% on average.

In addition to achieving clinical outcomes, TACHC has been able to manage more patients without needing to hire additional staff, increase patient engagement across multiple chronic conditions, and prioritize more vulnerable patients facing barriers to care.

“Remote patient monitoring is a critical tool for health centers to help their patients better manage chronic conditions. We are excited about continuing to expand the ability for health centers to use RPM to meet patients where they are and improve access to care.”

– Jana Eubank, Executive Director, TACHC
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