Care Management

Dramatically improve the efficiency of your care coordination by embedding real-time clinical data into your daily workflow and decision making process.

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Coordinating Care with Skilled Nursing Facilities and Home Healthcare Agencies

Care Management

Traditional platforms are designed primarily to store post adjudicated (45-120 day old) claim information. Lightbeam’s platform was designed from the ground up to store real-time discrete clinical data. The additional real-time clinical values allow for dramatic improvements in assessing risk acuity, allowing your care managers to focus on the right patients at the right time.

By integrating community-wide clinical information with your care management function you will also greatly reduce the laborious task of calling physician offices and asking them to fax patient medical chart documentation. This will reduce phone calls, the need to create abstract paper charts, and allow your care managers to focus on caring for your patients.

Care Plans

Care Plans

Lightbeam delivers evidence-based and patient-specific care plans to each provider in a patient's care team. The platform provides the rules, structure, and content needed to drive care management and care coordination solutions.

Lightbeam’s database has over 250 care plans specifically designed for care management strategies. Care plans play a fundamental role in care coordination and management across an enterprise. The “out of the box” care plans are complete, consumable, patient-centric, and up to date. Each condition has a care plan that is driven by evidence-based guidelines and gap-in-care analytics for inpatient, outpatient, discharge transitions, emergency, and chronic home care patients.

Lightbeam’s care plans were created with the focus of organizing, analyzing, and providing the best solution to clinical teams to support their patient base.

“This partnership is instrumental in our growth strategy. Lightbeam has been a pivotal tool that has allowed us to shift from fee-for-service to value-based care much faster than we otherwise could have.”

Jeffrey Nelson, CIO - Millennium Physician Group

Meet clients who are already saving with Lightbeam.

Millennium FL In the 2017 performance year, Millennium Physician Group's Track 3 ACO earned an impressive $29.7 million in shared savings.
Rio Grande Valley TX In the 2015 performance year, Rio Grande Valley Health Alliance saved $8.6 million leveraging Lightbeam’s Population Health Solutions.
South Bend Clinic IN Since implementing Lightbeam, The South Bend Clinic increased their MA star rating from 4.1 to 4.6 and improved their HCC coding by 12%.
Maury Regional TN Serving six primary counties, Maury Regional Health is the largest healthcare provider between Nashville and Huntsville, Alabama.