Solutions for CMS Primary Cares Initiatives

Improve Patient Outcomes, Drive Value, and Reduce Costs.

Lightbeam Health Solutions is your go-to partner for Primary Care First (PCF) and Direct Contracting (DC). The goals of these initiatives are to improve the patient experience, reduce costs, and promote taking risk to achieve high rewards in value-based care.

Primary Care First: General and High-Need

The voluntary Primary Care First payment models advance both the quality and access to this foundational form of care for patients. The PCF models are based on the standards of CPC+, and providers choose theirs based on their patient population: General or High-Need. The Lightbeam platform provides real-time data analysis, risk stratification, and patient engagement for meaningful provider-beneficiary communication.

Direct Contracting: Professional, Global, and Geographic

The Direct Contracting models are designed to care for patients maintaining the traditional fee-for-service practice within Medicare. DC is also voluntary and provides opportunities for a wide range of healthcare organizations to participate in risk agreements to earn savings and enhance the care they offer. A provider can choose between Professional, Global, and Geographic based on their beneficiaries, enhancements, and population-based payments.

Our team members are already proficient in both facets of the Primary Cares Initiatives and are ready to help you achieve greater patient compliance and shared savings.

Benefits of Partnering with Lightbeam for Primary Cares Initiatives:

Benifits of Partnering

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