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Creating a Virtuous Cycle: Proactive Care Improves Outcomes & Staff Satisfaction

Provider organizations across the U.S face a conundrum, how can we improve staff satisfaction and reduce burnout while also asking care managers to support larger value-based care patients? Esse Health’s leaders will describe how they deployed technology to proactively pinpoint patients needing support which enables its care teams to work at the top of their clinical licenses. With better patient targeting, the care team experienced a predictable and manageable workload averaging 1-2% of patients in their panel which resulted in greater care team satisfaction. Learn how Esse’s focus on proactive care led to a virtuous cycle yielding reduced CHF and COPD ED utilization, better chronic disease management, and staff satisfaction.

Key Takeaways:

  • Identify specific, actionable strategies to increase proactive, clinically-relevant patient engagement
  • Examine the impact and quantitative outcomes: operational improvements, clinical results, and care team & patient satisfaction
  • Connect key learnings to your organization’s position


Shelley Davis

Shelley Davis, MSN, RNC, CCM
VP, Clinical Strategy

Carla Beckerle
Carla Beckerle, DNP, ARPN-BC
VP, Clinical Programs
Esse Health
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