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AristaMD facilitates referrals to the most appropriate specialist based on criteria such as specialization, location and the patient's insurance network. eConsults are seamlessly integrated into the referral management experience, with AristaMD being surfaced along with local providers when an eConsult can be of value. The solution also enables full closed loop communication, including patient texting, direct online scheduling for patients and bi-directional communication between providers. Primary care clinics using the solution can eliminate burdensome faxes and calls and consolidate all referral workflows into one easy-to-use electronic ordering platform. The solution also enables specialists to promote their availability, insurance accepted and expertise.

Designed to seamlessly integrate into physician referral workflows, the platform allows payors, healthcare organizations and providers to coordinate care using their own specialists or those provided by AristaMD’s board-certified panel of experts. AristaMD’s platform has proven to deliver cost-effective, rapid access to specialty care, significantly reducing the need for face-to-face visits while increasing patient satisfaction. For additional information, visit, or follow AristaMD on LinkedIn and Twitter.

An e-consult or online medical consultation is an asynchronous, physician-to-physician communication about a patient’s chief complaint or current condition that leverages the expertise of a physician specialist. Electronic consultations, or eConsults, are often initiated by a primary care provider (PCP) seeking a specialist’s expert opinion about the appropriate diagnosis or treatment for a patient. eConsults connect primary care providers to on-call specialists to collaborate on patient cases. The solution provides:

  • Rapid access to specialists
  • Reduces routine clinical referrals by >70%
  • Improves the patient's experience
  • Provides care in the most appropriate setting
  • Reduce patient wait times and specialist appointment queues
  • Optimize clinic revenue in both fee-for-service or value-based care payment models by offering additional revenue for services provided in the PCP setting or lowering the cost of care by avoiding face-to-face specialist visits.

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