Lightbeam’s Deviceless RPM® ranks #1 Best in KLAS® for 2024. Read the press release to learn more.

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Product Overview

FeelBetter predicts which senior patients have the highest risk of deterioration, hospitalization, and incurring financial costs due to suboptimal polypharmacy. This simultaneous use of multiple medications is a growing public health challenge, particularly among patients over the age of 65 with several chronic conditions.

To address the problem and drive value-based care, FeelBetter delivers EHR-compatible pharmaco-clinical intelligence leveraging two decades of aggregated claims and clinical patient data. The SaaS solution enables healthcare organizations to more effectively and efficiently allocate resources to better serve patients and minimize preventable, costly use of healthcare services.

Powered by AI and machine learning capabilities, FeelBetter optimizes and personalizes medication management, arming providers with precise, patient-specific recommendations to ensure the medicines their patients are taking are safe, effective, and appropriate. Additionally, FeelBetter proactively recommends clinical interventions such as medication changes when needed, tracks their implementation, and monitors health status over time and across the continuum of care, helping improve outcomes and furthering health equity within communities.

Product ScreenShots

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