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Medicare Advantage: Staying Competitive in 2021 with CAHPS® Updates

Lightbeam Product Manager, Cindy Dyer, discusses how to improve Medicare Advantage (MA) Star Ratings and keep competitive with the Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS®) survey.  

In 2021, CMS will be increasing the CAHPS® survey measures weight by four times, meaning that the patient experience survey will now make up 32% of the Star Rating. The change represents a significant shift in the approach to achieve higher MA quality ratings. With this new focus, it is more crucial than ever to train clinical staff to prioritize patient encounters

In a highly competitive market, MA premiums are at an all-time low while penetration is at an all-time high at 40%. Based on this fact, providers must assess what kinds of benefits will keep them successful with CAHPS®, and it begins in-house with revamping the customer service side of care.   

During this webinar, Cindy will discuss how to:  

  • Train providers and office staff on patient customer service skills  
  • Customize the patient experience  
  • Improve provider-patient communication 
  • Foster a warm environment where the patient feels comfortable 

With the big push for improved quality in MA contractsall providers must be willing to embrace better customer service to achieve high ratings in 2021.


Cindy Dyer

Cindy Dyer
Product Manager

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