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Developing relationships with patients and helping them stay on track with their care plans is crucial to thrive in value-based care models. Managing health outcomes across an entire patient panel is an extensive process wherein providers must report on quality measures, document every interaction, and so on.

Lightbeam’s point of care tools reduce provider's burden by helping them know exactly what needs to be done while the patient is in the exam room (from a contract compliance standpoint). By injecting actionable insights derived from Lightbeam into the existing EHR workflow, clinicians and providers will not have to juggle portals or screens.

Quality Program Compliance Made Easy

Lightbeam provides a single, organized, and easy-to-read place for your quality measure programs. You can close quality measures while the patient is in the exam room and know exactly where you stand before the submission period.

All Contracts in One Location

Prescriptive insights from Lightbeam help you keep track of measures associated with all your value-based contracts, making them easier to manage.

Quality Reminders

Lightbeam scans your patient population so you do not have to. When patients are past due for annual wellness visits, follow ups, or have out of date HCC codes, we will let you know about it. If your patient takes an unexpected trip to the ER, Lightbeam will notify every care team member so you are as prepared as possible to take action.

The South Bend Clinic

“Lightbeam helped us transform PCP engagement from care silos to care integration. We use the Lightbeam Patient Facesheet everyday to engage our providers and front-line staff for their quality initiatives.”

Andrea Cichra, The South Bend Clinic

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