Solutions For Primary Care Providers

Maintain Control in Value-Based Care

Supporting your Existing Workflow

Ensure your patients are receiving the proper care at the right time. Lightbeam shows you gaps in care, care plan content, requests for information, and coding gaps while the patient the exam room, helping you drive quality improvements.

Tasks for Today's Patients

Our physician engagement solution provides you information where you need it most: at the point of care. Likewise, our community wide, longitudinal patient profile can help facilitate more informed decisions by making the most important data available where it can easily be accessed.

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Leave Big Data in the Warehouse

The last thing you need while managing your patient population is information overload. Lightbeam only delivers you the most important analytics and reporting necessary to achieve clinical quality and financial success.


Behavioral change starts with a conversation

From managing patients with chronic diseases and mobility issues to medication refill and follow up visit reminders, communication makes the difference in quality and cost outcomes. Now, you can communicate with your patients easier than ever with our patient engagement engine.

No more extra logins

We support single sign-on (SSO) technology, so you can directly access the Lightbeam platform from within your native EHR workflow. This means no more extra logins, no more juggling applications, and no more switching views.

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