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Realizing Success in ACO REACH

A 4-Step Framework to Identify and Eliminate Health Inequities  

Healthcare organizations are constantly tasked to adhere to new measures of success and priorities. With the development of the ACO REACH program, health equity, patient satisfaction, and quality measure performance take a front row seat to determine success and reimbursement.  

Finding success in the ACO REACH program requires participants to prioritize health equity measures and make an impact on the most overlooked, vulnerable patient populations. But since the ACO REACH program is still in its infancy, many are left wondering where to even begin.

In this white paper, you will discover: 

  • The importance of health equity as it relates to the ACO REACH Model 
  • How social vulnerabilities contribute to the “nationwide issue” of health inequity  
  • How to identify vulnerable patient populations 
  • The 5 primary pitfalls that contribute to disparate individuals getting left behind
  • 4 steps to develop a framework that maximizes your organization’s success  

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