Transformative Engagement

Connecting Patients and Providers Across the Continuum of Care

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Population Management: Using Data to Intervene with High-Risk Members

Transformative engagement supports provider and patient communication across the continuum of care. Consistent and timely messaging increases care compliance, promotes healthy decision making, and fortifies the patient provider relationship.


Fosters Communication and Shared Decision Making

Tracking health outcomes and progress might seem like a simple concept, but once you break down how unique each patient is in regard to diagnosis, treatment, care plans, and social determinants, suddenly managing healthcare for an entire population becomes quite complicated.

Lightbeam offers transformative engagement solutions that help manage patients, inform decisions, and measure clinical and financial outcomes accurately, efficiently, and in ways that support providers at the point of care.


Behavioral Change Starts with a Conversation

From managing patients with chronic diseases and mobility issues, to medication refills and follow up visit reminders, communication makes the difference in quality and cost outcomes. Now, you can communicate with your patients easier than ever with our patient engagement engine.


Personalized Messaging

Customize communication methods based on the channels your patients prefer. From secure email, text message, or voice messaging you can make patient engagement personal. With drag and drop functionality, you can quickly build out communication campaigns to help encourage your patients in making health conscious decisions.

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