Lightbeam’s Deviceless RPM® ranks #1 Best in KLAS® for 2024. Read the press release to learn more.


Achieve Health Equity & Improve Care Accessibility with Deviceless RPM®

As providers and payers launch remote patient monitoring (RPM) programs, accessible and equitable remote monitoring improves outcomes for underserved populations and addresses social determinants of health.

Compare how Deviceless and device-based RPM address the challenges to accessing care that underserved populations face, including health literacy, connectivity, trust, and cost barriers.

“Deviceless RPM alerts us to potential crises, and to have the opportunity to redirect those crises with effective interventions. Consumers often express gratitude for the team reaching out to them and for working with them to maintain or regain their health. CareSignal has been an effective tool for improving communication between us and the consumer.”

– Lindy Whitlow, RN, BSN, Director of Nursing and Care Coordination Supervisor, Andrews Center
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