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Population Health Management Checklist

How does your population health management solution perform?

As an ACO executive, you’re under a lot of pressure to drive results—wider margins, lower costs, higher quality of care. With all that you have going on, you need a population health management platform that eases organizational burdens, helping you to easily identify and close care gaps, monitor spend across your entire organization, and keep physicians aligned with your overall strategy. While many population health platforms out there claim to be the best at driving results, only one delivers on the promise of a full, 360-degree picture in a single solution.  

Use our checklist below to compare your current population health strategy with Lightbeam Health Solutions’ comprehensive care management tool. 

Population Health Management Features Lightbeam's Features Your Current Platform

Automated Workflow Engine

Automates the creation, assignment, and delivery of actionable tasks based on gaps in care and underlying trends in utilization and costs for the selected patient population.


Multi-level Risk Stratification:

ACG® + ATI Index

Leverages claims, clinical, and social data to stratify patients by risk. Predictive modeling finds patients who will benefit from care management intervention to mitigate adverse events, reducing costs and improving outcomes.

Complete, Longitudinal Patient Summary

Enables care providers with a complete clinical summary including customizable dashboards. Consolidates various sources containing all available patient data.

GPRO / Quality Measure Reporting

Dedicated quality measure care gap analysis with ability to view, report, and electronically submit all measures required by CMS and other reporting programs.

Data Analytics with HCC Coding and AI/Machine Learning

Identify out-of-date HCC codes and patients at risk of developing chronic conditions. Find cost and utilization overruns across your enterprise with drill-down capability for deeper analysis.

Patient Engagement

Integrated communication engine engages patient to participate in care plan. Messaging based on unique patient personality and delivery based on patient preferences including secure text, IVR, email, etc.

Client Services

Care management extension programs designed to work under general supervision of practice physicians. End-to-end services supported by a dedicated clinical team, cohort builder, and patient engagement engine.

The Results:



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Every Data Point Makes a Difference

Lightbeam is helping healthcare organizations reduce costs and improve outcomes like never before. Our platform is proving that combining disparate data with intelligent analytics creates actionable insights that, when properly operationalized, will not only reduce costs but transform healthcare.

See how we helped Florida-based Millennium ACO earn more than $29.7 million in shared savings in 2017.

This partnership is instrumental in our groth strategy. Lightbeam has been a pivotal tool that has allowed us to shift from fee-for-service to value-based care much faster than we otherwise could have.


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