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How the Andrews Center Bridges the Digital Divide High-Touch Care: Remote Patient Monitoring for Mental Health Identifies Potential Crises Ahead of Time

Learn how patients with depression experience improved mental health within the first year of The Andrews Center partnership with CareSignal.

With Deviceless RPM, The Andrews Center:

  • Improved CMS Antidepressant Medication Compliance by 10% in 6 months
  • Engaged with 88% of patients enrolled in Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Utilized data from 231 Alerts for mental health challenges to provide proactive care

“CareSignal has allowed the Andrews Center to be alerted to potential crises, and to have the opportunity to redirect those crises with effective interventions. Consumers often express gratitude for the team reaching out to them and for working with them to maintain or regain their emotional wellbeing. CareSignal has been an effective tool for improving communication between the Center and the consumer, leading to the ultimate goal of supporting the consumers’ safety and wellbeing”

 – Lindy Whitlow, RN, BSN, Director of Nursing and Care Coordination Supervisor, Andrews Center

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