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How Paramount Health Care Transformed Population Health with Real-time Data

Improving member engagement has long been at the top of any payer’s wish list. Now with hiring challenges, helping staff work top-of-license is also at the top of that list. Paramount Health Care’s goals were to improve member engagement and lower health risk to reduce avoidable utilization. Paramount Health Care recognized the 3-month lag time in data collected through claims was a limiting factor, which resulted in the implementation of a new approach to identify members in need of disease management outreach. This presentation will describe how Paramount Health Care used real-time member-reported data to identify members who needed help managing their chronic conditions and provided same-day outreach and support. Paramount’s Disease Management team saw a 187% improvement in its engagement rate due to the timely and rapid outreach. Member satisfaction rates improved, as well.

Learning Objectives:
  • Explain why real-time data is necessary for population health teams to improve member engagement and reduce avoidable utilization
  • Identify how automated Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring® collects real-time member health data across Medicare and Medicaid populations
  • Describe how Paramount Health Care enabled disease managers to work top-of-license while positively impacting member engagement and lowering member health risk 


Blake Marggraff

Kathryn Kossow
Director, Population Health at
Paramount Health

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